Angels & Demons

Welcome to the Angels and Demons collection by OKO, a thought-provoking exploration of the complex relationship between humanity and the digital world. In this show, creative director Daniel Smyl takes us on a journey through the dual nature of digitalization, expressed through a series of powerful symbols and artistic elements. The following fashion show notes provide a deeper understanding of the inspirations, themes, and messages conveyed throughout the collection, inviting you to ponder the intricate dance of angels and demons that shape our lives in the age of technology.

  1. OKO: A brand name inspired by a fictional character from a card game that holds deep meaning for Daniel Smyl. OKO, meaning "eye" in Polish, symbolizes a keen eye on the zeitgeist and the creative vision of the brand.
  2. Black: The color of the abyss and the unknown, representing the dark side of the world and the potential pitfalls of digitalization. A visual reminder of the need for balance in our ever-evolving digital landscape.
  3. White: The color of purity and hope, embodying the positive aspects of the world and the empowering potential of digitalization. A visual celebration of the technological advancements that uplift and unite humanity.
  4. Angels: Ethereal beings that symbolize the benevolent forces of digitalization, reflecting the hope, progress, and unity that technology can bring to our lives.
  5. Demons: Enigmatic entities that represent the darker aspects of digitalization, highlighting the potential dangers of unchecked technological progress and the erosion of human connection.
  6. AI: Artificial Intelligence, the driving force behind the brand's unique prints, bridging the gap between human creativity and machine-generated artistry.
  7. Artificial Intelligence: The catalyst for the Angels and Demons collection, a testament to the complex relationship between humanity and the ever-evolving digital world.
  8. Digitalization: The transformative power of technology, reshaping our lives and forming the basis for the Angels and Demons collection's exploration of its dual nature.
  9. Generative Art: A fusion of human imagination and algorithmic creation, pushing the boundaries of conventional art and fashion through the AI-generated prints featured in the collection.
  10. T-shirt: A canvas for expression, the humble t-shirt serves as a foundational piece in the collection, conveying powerful messages and sparking conversation about our digital existence.
  11. Hoodie: A versatile garment that enables both self-expression and anonymity, the hoodie symbolizes the duality of visibility and concealment in the digital world.
  12. Anonymity: The paradoxical nature of the digital age, offering both liberation and vulnerability, freedom and isolation. Anonymity serves as a central theme in the Angels and Demons collection, prompting reflection on the good and bad sides of our digital identities.

In conclusion, the Angels and Demons collection by OKO challenges us to reflect on the transformative power of digitalization and its impact on our lives. Through artistic and philosophical interpretations of color, garment, and theme, the collection serves as a visual dialogue between the light and dark aspects of the digital world. As you immerse yourself in the experience, let the creative vision of Daniel Smyl and the powerful symbolism of the collection inspire you to contemplate the balance, hope, and caution that define our ever-evolving digital existence.