A thought-provoking designer clothing brand that delves into the essence of the digital era through the artistic lens of its creative director, Daniel Smyl. OKO examines the multifaceted impact of digitalization on our existence, illustrating the dichotomy of its effects through a collection fittingly named "Angels and Demons."

At the core of OKO lies the pioneering use of AI-generated prints that adorn the brand's predominantly black t-shirts and hoodies. Each design narrates the digital realm's metamorphic power, encompassing both the luminous and obscure facets of its ubiquitous presence. By transcending traditional fashion boundaries, OKO boldly reimagines style in an epoch where technology and human ingenuity intersect.

Daniel Smyl, the visionary behind OKO, infuses his ardor for subversive aesthetics and artistic expression into every element of the collection. By synthesizing his passion with wearable art that challenges conventional norms, Smyl forms a profound connection with those who seek a deeper relationship with their attire.

Rooted in Poland with aspirations of reaching a worldwide audience, OKO aspires to leave an indelible impression in the realm of designer fashion. The brand transcends mere clothing; it cultivates an experience and ignites discourse about technology's role in our lives, as well as its influence on our identities and understanding of the world that surrounds us.

Embark on a journey with OKO as we redefine fashion, embrace the digital age, and revel in the intricate interplay of angels and demons that shapes our ever-adapting world.